Why creating plant kits for children and families

Ideas can flourish and grow from the most unexpected moments of life.
In my case a dream of many years lead to the start of Ailefo´s Garden.
For many years I had dreamt of creating a garden of my own filled with beautiful flowers, eatable plants, vegetables, fruits and berries. Not knowing how to begin, what to do or even how to corporate this into a busy working lifestyle, I never really got started. It remained a dream for more then 10 years.
At the beginning of 2023 I found myself in need of a safe place balancing a daily busy life, and I turned to my garden. Discovering the no-digging method for gardening, I dived all in finally fulfilling my dream of creating my dream garden.
In our garden we had an old trampolin and a swing set. No of which had been used very much in recent years by my soon to be teenage daughter. With her blessing, I turned to social media, posting in a local group “Last stop before the recycling station”, if anyone was interested in picking up a trampolin and a sving set. Within 2 hours we had made two families very happy, and my garden project was ready for next step, creating garden beds for sprouts and seeds.
The results I got were amazing, so fulfilling and fun. Following the development of the sprouts I had nursed form seeds to plants, from which I now could harvest vegetables or cut beautiful flowers.
Another huge bonus was to see the fun my daughter had, when she helped harvest vegetables for dinner, or just picking strawberries, sweet peas or blackberries from the bushes during the day.
Furthermore eating vegetables with great joy she previously disliked like spinach and rucola salat. She had help me plant these seed varieties, watched them grow, and harvested the result. There were suddenly no end to what she was willing to taste from the world of eatable plants and vegetables within our garden, even chili (the milder varieties of course) have become part of her go to spice for cooking.
I felt so privileged and blessed having this experience with my daughter….and from this Ailefo´s Garden began to come to life.
How could I pass on this experience to other children. Even children with no access to a garden or a balcony.
The idea of different plant kits for children came out of this. Plant kits suitable for a window sill, a balcony and/or a garden.

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