Ailefo organic modeling clay

Organic modeling clay

Ailefo organic modeling clay contains 98% certified organic ingrediens. All our organic ingrediens are labeled with the EU organic label, The Green Leef. More than 90% of our ingrediens come from local suppliers here at our island Bornholm. Ailefo´s modeling clay was the first organic modeling clay at the European marked.

Allergy friendly

Ailefo Organic Modeling clay does not contain perfume or parabens. All oils are tested free from perfume allergens. We do not use any essentiel oils, as they are very allergenic. The preservatives are all mild, food grade ingredients. The modeling clay is plant based and do not contain nuts, traces of nuts, soy, eggs or dairy products. Our modeling clay is not gluten free.

Extend the life of your modeling clay

The oils in the clay transfer to the hands, and take good care of the skin during play. This is why the oils are reduced in the clay over time. You can extend the life of your modeling clay by kneading regular cooking oil into the clay. You can this once in a while, when you finish playing, put the clay back in the tub, and it is soft, revived and ready for next time. If you forget to put the lid on, or the modeling clay starts to feel a little crumbly, it is a good idea to add a bit of cooking oil.

Natural ingredients

All products used are from natural ingredients. Your child can taste Ailefo organic modeling clay, which fortunately does not taste good.

Bake your modeling clay creations in the oven

You can bake our modeling clay in the oven at 60 degrees celcius until dry. Time in the oven depends on the thickness of the creations. You will learn. After baking you can spray with a bit of vanish if you wish. You can also let your creations air dry, but this way they sometimes crack a bit at the surface.

Natural color pigments

The colors used are all natural color pigments. The natural color pigments ensure a high degree of allergy friendliness, as well as for us a naturally sustainable choice of raw materials using the globe's own resources.

Sustainable modeling clay tools and stamps

All wood of our modeling clay tools and stamps are made of sustainable production. No wood will be cut down faster, then the forest can reproduce. Our tools and stamps come from production, which ensure all plant and animal life of the forest will be protected, and the forest workers are proper educated and have proper safety equipment. Our wooden tools and stamps are labeled sustainable.

Organic plant oils

The specially selected organic plant oils gives, that the texture of Ailefo organic modeling clay is extra soft, which makes it easy for even the smallest hands to play and form shapes. During play the plant oils will protect the hands against dryness and strengthen the skin barrier. All our oils are tested free from perfume allergens.

Environmentally friendly packaging

Ailefo´s packaging is environmentally friendly, with the intention of re-use and recycling. Our paper tube is made from 100% recycled paper and the label is applied to the tube with a water-based glue. Our tubs inside the paper tube are made from PP plastic, which is easy to recycle. Our large tubs are made from white pp plastic, and the label is applied to the tub with a water-based glue, to make it as environmentally friendly as possible and easy to separate materials in the recycling process. Before you dispose of our plastic tubs, they can be used in your home for many storage purposes. The tubs can be used in the microwave, in the freezer and are safe to use in the dishwasher. Ailefo is a member of

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