Ailefo´s Garden Plant Kit

Ailefo´s Garden Plant Kit

In each plant kit, there are 3 different types of seeds for planting in pots for indoor cultivation, containers on the balcony, or directly in the ground in the garden. You will also find a shovel with a wooden handle that suits a child's hand or as a smaller shovel for an adult. When planting several things, it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of where you have planted which seeds, so we have also included 3 bamboo plant markers in the box.

Choose your favorite seed mix for our light green box

Our light green box is called “My favorite seed mix”. Here, you can mix your own favorite blend of 3 different types of seeds from our assortment. We have 28 seed varieties to choose from. Choose your three favorites and write them in the comment in check out, and we will pack them for you.

Meadow Flower Mix

No rule without exception. In our light purple box with organic mix of meadow flowers, which attracts garden beneficial insects like butterflies and bees, you find only this specific meadow blend.

Ailefo´s seed

Ailefo's seeds are a mix of organic and non-organic seeds. None of our seeds are GMO (genetically modified). All seeds come from the original plants. All seeds are tested for quality and germination ability. We only have seed varieties that you will succeed with. Many of our seeds can be grown everywhere - look at the box or QR code to find plant info and advise. Some of our seed varieties can be grown all year round, either indoors or outdoors.

Get to know our icons from our boxes

To help you identify the right place to plant each type of seed, we've put icons on the front of our boxes: 🏠 Indoor Gardening Icon: Spot this house symbol to know that the seeds within are perfect for indoor gardening. Transform your living spaces into vibrant areas of greenery, regardless of the outdoor weather. 🌱 Pot Gardening Icon: This icon, featuring a pot with a spout, signifies seeds that thrive in containers. Ideal for balconies, patios, or windowsills, pot gardening allows you to enjoy the pleasures of planting, even in limited spaces. 🖐️ Outdoor Planting Icon: The hand sowing seeds into the soil represents seeds best suited for outdoor cultivation. Ready to create a backyard oasis or a flourishing vegetable garden? These seeds will pave the way for a successful outdoor green space. When you see more than one symbol on a box, it's our way of telling you that the seeds inside offer flexible planting options.

Eleven beatiful color boxes to choose from

Discover our wide range of 11 beautiful colorful boxes, each with carefully matched seeds to bring life and color to your garden. From red strawberries to yellow sunflowers and green herbs - there is a box for every taste and every garden. Choose your favorite color and create your dream garden with our perfectly matched seed sets.

Sustainable tools for play and gardening

All wood of our modeling clay tools and stamps are made of sustainable production. No wood will be cut down faster, then the forest can reproduce. Our tools and stamps come from production, which ensure all plant and animal life of the forest will be protected, and the forest workers are proper educated and have proper safety equipment. Our wooden tools and stamps are labeled sustainable.

All seeds and boxes are personally selected and packed by us

All our seeds and boxes are personally packed by us before they are sent out to you. We prioritize the quality of our products and aim to ensure that each customer receives fresh and carefully selected seeds and planting accessories. By manually packing the seeds, we prioritize attention to detail and ensure that each package is of the highest standard. This gives you the assurance that you receive high-quality products ready to be planted and grow successfully.

Environmentally friendly packaging

Ailefo's packaging is environmentally friendly, designed with recycling, reuse, and sustainable forestry in mind. Our boxes and seed packets are produced from raw materials sourced from sustainably managed forests. This includes sustainable harvesting of raw materials, protection of the area's biodiversity in plant and animal life, reforestation, soil and water conservation, and social responsibility towards the local community. Ailefo is a member of miljø

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Ailefo´s plant kits are fun and easy to use.