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Yes, we ship worldwide. Delivery of orders outside of Denmark will incur freight costs equal to the amount, the cost of sending packages. This also includes Greenland and Faroe Islands. Delivering of packages outside of Denmark will be done by GLS or DHL, mainly by ship. Arrangements for shipment (price and delivering method) will be made before the order is finalized and shipped out.
Over time the modeling clay can seem a bit more dry. This can for example be caused by the oils being "drawn" out of the clay during play, or the modeling clay have been left out a lot without the lid on. Solution: Add regular food oil from your kitchen cabinet. Do add an amount which make the clay seem a bit greasy. Mold it in real good. This way you can bring life back into the modeling clay.
This is caused be salt from the modeling clay. This is harmless, and will disappear as soon as you start molding the clay.
This is caused by preservatives. It is harmless, and will disappear when you mold the clay.
Yes, you can pick up your order at Ailefo, Rabaekkevej 1 B, 3700 Ronne, Denmark. You just tick the box "Local Pickup", when you are asked to choose shipping option, finishing your order at in our webshop At the same time you will be asked to choose date and time for the pickup.
  • If you want to pay in cash, it has to be the exact amount of your purchase. We do not have change.
  • Payment options when you shop directly with us are credit cards or Mobilpay.
  • If you have purchased your order from our webshop, you have already paid for your order, and you do not have to worry about any payment.
Ailefo organic modeling clay is exclusively produced from food-grade ingrediens. Therefore your child can taste the modeling clay. Nevertheless the adult responsible must bear in mind, that the modeling clay is not meant for eating. Ailefo can not be held responsible for any allergic reactions to the product content, the individual child may have while playing or if tasting the modeling clay.  
Ailefo use preservatives approved for food in our modeling clay. We do this to protect both product and consumer. Products which contain water have a greater bacterial growth than products which do not contain water. It also increases bacterial growth when a product is often processed with human hands. We wish to extend the durability of our product and thereby also prolong the playtime with Ailefo organic modeling clay as long as possible. Of course within the framework that has the least health risk to our costumer. We are not allowed to compare our product to a food product, because it is not intended as such. Nevertheless we have chosen only to use preservatives approved for food to increase the safety of the consumer. We follow the strict limits that exist within Asthma Allergy Denmark, A- label and the limits within organic cosmetics.
Ailefo Organic Modeling Clay does not contain soy, milk, eggs or nuts. Our modeling clay is not gluten free. Ailefo Organic Modeling Clay is a Vegan product. We do not share production with any other companies, and our machines are only used for organic modeling clay production. Do you have any further questions concerning allergies, do not hesitate to contact us. This is our email address:

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