Ailefo Charades


Ailefo Charades

Ailefo Charades is a creative sculp and guess game for the whole family.

The box contains 110 cards showing images of everyday life.

The game is to be used in combination with Ailefo organic modeling clay. However, this is not included.

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Ailefo Charades

Ailefo Charades is a creative sculp and guess game for the whole family.

The box contains 110 cards displaying everyday images.

The game is to be played with in combination with Ailefo organic modeling clay. Organic modeling clay is not included.

Item number: PR030101

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Ailefo Charades

2-10 players

Age 6+

If multiple players, it can be a good idea to split up into teams, when playing Ailefo Charades.

Game rules:

The youngest or the person with the lowest height begins the game.

Pick a card and shape the image out of Ailefo Organic modeling clay.

It is only allowed to guess when the player has begun to shape.

The first one to guess the image being shaped wins the card and gets points, un2l all cards have been shaped and won.

The players take turns in clockwise rota2on.

If the opponents cannot guess the image shaped, the player must give 2 – 3

The one who eventually holds the most picture cards wins the game.

To increase the difficulty of the game, the image can be shaped with closed eyes.

The game can be played by the whole family. If there are larger siblings in the family, they can through the game be brought into the creative play of Ailefo organic modeling clay, and so can the mom and dad. It creates a lot of laughs, talk and joy when the game starts.

The game box  has a size that makes it ideel to bring on a scout camp, cabin trip or vacations in combination with our tubs of organic modeling clay.

We offer several different options for organic modeling clay to combine with the game.

Ailefo organic modeling clay is available in both basic colors (green, blue, red, brown and yellow) and spring colors (green, olive, purple, brown and orange).

Our basic colors are also available in several different sizes, such as our large tube of 800 grams of organic modeling clay or our small tube with a total of 500 grams of organic modeling clay. The tubes contain 5 colors each. If you are several players to play Ailefo Charades, we recommend our big tubs with a single color in each. These contain 540 grams per tub.

In addition, we also offer modeling clay on subscription, or as refills if the tube is purchased in our webshop.

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