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Welcome to Ailefo´s Blog

Welcome to Ailefo Blog

Dear Reader.

Today is the premier of Ailefos Blog. In this blog I will post topics, which I find interesting to share with you. It will not only be topics concerning organic modeling clay. I will embrace topics from our own learning boards to more global topics such as environmental issues.

From the start of my Ailefo journey a little more then 2 years ago and up till now, both Ailefo Organic Modeling Clay and I have been through an enormous change.

My daughter and I have developed a fantastic product of very high quality, which I´m very proud of, both concerning allergy- and environmentally friendly and design. Furthermore our product is now sold in several countries both in- and outside of Europe.

I myself have gone through a change of mindset from a working nurse to a independent entrepreneur. It gives me great pleasure every day, when I continue to develop my company and make our quest of creating high quality creative products known to the world.

When you try Ailefo´s products, it is very important to us when you tell us about your experiences. We use each and every one of your feedback in our continued development of products. Together we can continue to raise the bar of high quality at all levels.

I am looking forward to further product development, expanding our range of products, and make Ailefo´s brand known to the world, as a brand of high-quality creative products.

If you have any topics that you would like for me to write about on Ailefo´s Blog, feel free to write to me at info@ailefo.dk.

Have a nice weekend.


Owner of Ailefo