Mag. Carina Binder (Teacher, Povegliano, Italy) I‘m so happy that so many parents and also teachers appreciate your great products (it‘s always kind of a personal revenue when I - as a single person - can contribute in these things). In your case it‘s also the fact that I personally love your products and your philosophy. It has just advantages - for children and nature. I admit that I personally bought some small tubs for my baby boy and it‘s really different to other play doughs and the fact that I don‘t have to worry as it‘s not toxic also. It is wonderful. A mother told me time ago that ailefo is a win-win product for her - the parent wins because the child can play with it and you don‘t have to worry and the child wins as it‘s not dangerous and so much fun. I can tell definitely (after nearly a year has passed) that parents responded positively. Especially the parents of small children (age 2-4) when the danger of eating things is still quite present. They were also very pleased that it doesn‘t smell toxic and that it is so soft. People especially teachers were very pleased by your for nature and environment philosophy - as schools/ institutions are in some way an idol to others it‘s important to give your best so being environmentally friendly is something very important. So all together - Ailefo had many many many good responses and people loved it.

Trine, mom to Emilie 6 years old.

We have tried the modeling clay at our home and it felt really nice to hold, smelled nice and not synthetic. Made some delicious "gingerbread", put them back into the tub and cheated the family;-) Ailefo greetings Emilie & Trine

Rikke Albæk, midwife and a mom of four.

In our home we have seen and played with many kinds of different toys over the years. Ailefo modeling clay is good quality toy all around. Texture, softness, color and durability are all high quality. No doubt, Ailefo has been trough a very thorough process of product development. To me it is important, my children will not be exposed to harmful substances and endocrine disrupters during play, letting their creativity unfold.
I highly recommend Ailefo Organic Modeling Clay to families, to whom quality and sustainability is important during playtime.

Kristine Holbek, registered nurse and mom to Caroline 3 years old.

We have, in our family, especially Caroline, had the pleasure to play with this wonderful modeling clay right from the start, and it has really been a pleasure. The colors, the smell and the knowledge that Caroline can taste it without any harm, is fantastic. In fact, the other day Caroline (3 years) not only tasted the modeling clay - no, she put her pink modeling clay into a small bucket of water .... it was pulled up slightly sticky and put in a tub with lid - fingers crossed - a couple of days later it was fine, dry and ready to play with again. Fantastic, clean, soft and delicious product. It will certainly be bought for Christmas for all the nephews and other little toddlers that we know.

Anette Meinertz Møbjerg, school teacher and grandmother.

I bought a tube of Ailefo organic modeling clay - and it is certainly not the last one I buy! My granddaughter was so excited, she had to bring the modeling clay along on a play date. Ailefo organic modeling clay has an incredibly delicious texture, super rich colors, smart tube for storage, and the product is organic. Furthermore, it is nice to know that the modeling clay is harmless, if curios toddlers should want to taste it - An ideal Christmas gift.

Ditte Huth Nielsen, registered nurse and mom to Ingrid 2 years old.

Throughout my childhood, I loved to play with modeling clay. Obviously I wanted to give my daughter the same fun experience. However, I thought that the modeling clay from the local toy store smelled too much of synthetic product to introduce to her, until she was old enough not to put it in her mouth. But then I heard about Ailefo's product. The wax is easy to mould - the colors amazing and strong. Above all it has no synthetic odor. Product description shows that everything can be eaten, and therefore I can safely let my daughter play with it - without worring about my daughter putting the modeling clay in her mouth.