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Læringstavler kan bruges i kreativ leg med modellervoks

How can you use a learning board?

Learning boards can be used as a complementary tool in creative play. The learning board can help the imagination on its way, and the child will often automatically move on from there and add to the story himself.
You can draw learning boards, which fit especially your child´s development stage. And even better the child can draw pictures himself. Laminate the drawing and use it as a playing mat during creative play, for example during modeling clay activity.
By laminating the drawing, which your child made, you can save it for many years- an extra benefit.
We have a selection af learning boards here at our website (Download here), which you can download for free, or you can just use our learning boards as an inspiration source to create your own.
It is important to be aware of the development stage of the individual child, when you create your learning boards. This way you can make sure, that it will be a positive experience.
You and your child can talk about, which topics are of interest at the moment. Only the sky is the limit.
The learning boards can be made in beautiful colors. Black and white learning boards can also be useful. The child himself can add color using modeling clay, paint or grids.
Learning boards can train the ability of storytelling and communication. Be curious and ask your child about his creations. Almost without exception every child loves to get the chance to tell about their special creations. When mom and dad want to join in the fun and want to be invited into “Fantasia”, it is pure quality time for everyone. Quality time which at the same time develop you child both physically and mentally.
Using the learning boards in creative play, your child become more confident about sharing ideas, developing problem solving skills.
Inclusion of others into a joint cooperation is another fine benefit. When mom and dad show interest into the project, and the child “says” come along, and show the way into their imaginary world.
It is easy and fun for everybody.
As an adult, you yourself can absolutely also benefit from using learning boards. You will no doubt soon disappear into your own imaginary world. Stress will be reduced and you will develop your creative skills through play.
Creative thinking is useful in all types of jobs. If you keep the ability to play, you are probably good at finding solutions to the problems you encounter during the day. A very useful ability to have in the world of today.