Organic modeling clay, large tube


Contains: 5 tubs of 160 grams of Ailefo Organic Modeling Clay.

The colors: green, blue, red, brown, yellow.


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Ailefo Organic Modeling Clay.

Contains: 5 tubs of 160 grams of organic modeling clay.

Colors: green, blue, red, brown, yellow.

Ingredients: flour, water, salt, vegetable oils, natural dye, acid regulators, potassium sorbate.

Shelf life: unopened, 1,5 year from date of manufacture.

Cardboard tube: 22 cm high, 10 cm diameter.

Cardboard tube is made from 100 % recycled paper.

Item number: 010301

Barcode: 5713414010316

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Ailefo Organic Modeling Clay is organic, environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic.
It is the first and only organic modeling Clay on the european Marked.
Ailefo Organic Modeling Clay is A-labeled.

The product is organic, hypoallergenic, without perfume or parabens and contains only food grade ingredients.
Ailefo Organic Modeling Clay is developed according to the guidelines of Kemilex.
Our modeling clay is also produced from the same high requirements for the production of organic cosmetics.

The colors are all natural dyes of high quality. Christian Hansen A/S, a world leader in research into natural dyes, have been an invaluable partner in the search of the best colors for Ailefo Organic Modeling Clay.

The consistency is extra soft, which makes it possible for even small hands to play with and shape the modeling clay.
The softness comes from the exclusive organic plant oils used, which also gives the skin on the creative hands extra care.

Our packaging is environmentally friendly. Our cardboard tube is 100 % recycle paper, and the little tubs are PP plastic, which can easily can be recycled. That is also why, we do not have a label directly onto the pp tub. In this way there will be no ressources need to separate different materials in the plastic recycle process.

Before the need for recycling, the tubs can be used in your home for various purposes of storage. The tubs can be used for microwave, in the dishwasher and in the freezer.

Sign up for a subscription and get all 5 colors in small tubs sent in our cardboard tube in an interval of your choice. You pay the price for the tubs, and you ONLY pay a one time shipping fee. The following shipments are FREE to neareste pickup point.

Our refill tubs can be bought in our 5 different colors. They can be bought together and are also sold separately.

Ailefo Organic Clay is also available in large tubs containing five different colors such as yellow, green, blue, brown and red. The colors can be bought separately. If you buy all five colors of large tubs in one purchase, you only pay for 4 tubs.

Furthermore, you can buy all five colors assembled in a cardboard tube from 100% made from recycled paper. Find our products at our online webshop:


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