Sunflower, Yellow Daisy, Corn


“Sunflower, Yellow Daisy, Corn”

1 x Shovel wooden handle,
3 x wooden seed name tag signs
3 x seed bags containing seeds of meadow flowers.

Box: Yellow,
Measurements: 20 x 14 x 4 cm
Weight: 95 grams

Product ID: 51014/ EAN: 5713414510144


“Sunflower, Yellow Daisy, Corn”

Plant kit includes:
1 x Shovel with wooden handle,
3 x Bamboo seed tags
3 x Seed packets

Box: Yellow
Dimensions: 16 x 12 x 3.5 cm
Weight: 95 grams

Product ID: 51014 / EAN: 5713414510144

“Sunflower, Yellow Daisy, Corn”

Contents and Sowing Tips for plant kit:

Organic seeds, with fast-growing large yellow flowers.
You can use the flowers in beautiful bouquets. Harvest your seeds to sow next year or share some with the birds for their winter feed.

Sowing Sunflower:
Can be pre-sown indoors at room temperature from April.
Sow at a depth of 1 cm.
Once the seeds sprout, they can be placed cooler and in a well-lit area.
However, only plant outdoors after the last frost.
Can be directly sown into the ground from May, once the risk of night frost has passed.
For both pre-sowing and direct sowing, water the soil before sowing and keep moist until the seeds have sprouted.

Yellow Daisy:
Vigorous flowering in various shades of yellow and orange. Really nice in beds, pots, and the vegetable garden.
Looks beautiful in bouquets and is also edible. Suitable for salads, cakes, and as decoration in drinks.
Continuous cutting of the flowers extends the blooming period.
Will self-seed for the next year if some of the flowers are allowed to wilt and stand. Otherwise, harvest the seed heads in the middle of the flower as it wilts down.

Sowing Yellow Daisy:
Can be directly sown into the ground from April to mid-June.
Sow at a depth of 1 cm.
Blooms until October.
Can be sown in autumn during September and October for early blooming next year.
Water the soil before sowing and keep moist until the seeds have sprouted.

Organic seeds, producing sweet corn cobs.
The corn is ready to harvest when the “silk” at the end begins to wither.
Suitable for grilling and cooking. Delicious to eat with butter and a little salt.

Sowing Corn:
Can be pre-sown from April-May, or directly sown into the ground from mid-May, once the last risk of frost has passed and the soil temperature is at least 15 degrees Celsius. Before sowing, soak the corn seeds for 12-24 hours. Pre-sprouting in a pot can also be beneficial before planting them outdoors.
Sow at a depth of 3 cm.
Approximately ready for harvest from mid-July to September.

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